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The ELECTRONIC NOSTALGIA Capsule is HTBH's 2nd official collection. The first collection (CHROME) was exclusively sold on the HOW TO BE HAPPY website, through organic growth coming from the official instagram page (

Following the success of our first capsule, we are looking to not only expand our upcoming collection, but also our retail channels. Therefore, we are offering a partnership with your retail store. In short, what do we offer;

- Regional retail exclusivity

- No minimum quantities

- Flexible product & size selection

- Partial Store decoration & design


Submit your information below, or email to to discuss the possibilities! 




The latest capsule of HOW TO BE HAPPY explores the feeling of nostalgia that current young adults feel. While all the newest, latest and greatest technology is at the tip of their fingers, a lot of young adults seem to be attracted to older technology. Purchasing Vinyl records, shooting and developing film photos, filming videos on old camcorders, playing and sharing video videogames from our childhood; All to experience this mysterious feeling of nostalgia.

But where does nostalgia come from? Why do young adults feel nostalgic about things they weren't even alive for to experience? The videos in promotion of this capsule will address these subjects, while also asking the question; How far do you go for nostalgia?

Besides the informative videos, a few skits in the style of some classic 00's movies will remind the customers of what the feeling is, and how the HTBH collection fits perfectly into this image. 

The ELECTRONIC NOSTALGIA capsule takes some elements of these nostalgic objects, and uses them to create the designs. Even the items themselves, Zip hoodies and scarves, were popular in the turn of the millenium.


For the upcoming collection, HOW TO BE HAPPY is expanding the range of products. ELECTRONIC NOSTALGIA will consist of;

- VHS Tee (White)

- TV's Zipper Hoodie (Black)

- TV's Zipper Hoodie (Grey)

- TV's Scarf (Cream)

- TV's Scarf (Grey)

- VHS Tape



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