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January 30th 2021

The JDM RACING CAPSULE is inspired by, as the name says, Japanese domestic market cars. Especially those that don’t mind burning rubber and swapping tires once in a while. Growing up in the late 00’s, movie series like “The Fast and the Furious” have a big influence in generation Z’s taste in cars and aesthetics. From watching “Tokyo Drift” to playing “Need for Speed: Underground” on the GameCube, this generation's love for JDM racing, drifting, and tuning is expressed in HTBH’s second ever release.

Of course, for the promotion of this capsule a few JDM classics had to be pulled from the vault, or rather, the street. The Nissan Silvia S14a, Nissan Skyline R-34 GT-T and the Honda Integra type-R all showed up in support of the Toyota AE86 that is showcased on the backside of the tee.

The full video Is shot and edited by Noel “OG NOEL” Kemman, as the name states, OG member of the HTBH crew. Photography for this capsule is shot completely analog by Titus Mellema, OG HTBH crewmember. Credit where it's due.


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