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OCT 27th 2023

The VHS capsule is HTBH's third official capsule. This collection take inspiration from vintage skate tees and of course the blockbuster-era. With VHS tapes in peak use in the early 00's, this was the main format for people to watch movies at home.

VHS tapes are fragile tho, and you better make sure kids don't get their hand on them, or they might get ripped apart. In our case, one little genius spelled out HTBH with the ripped out tape. This makes for the perfect nostalgic tee graphic, to watch your favorite movies in.

And that's exactly what Milla does in the promo poster and video. She is laying in a sea of VHS tapes, and is in a movie-binge trance. This poster photo is inspired by anti-drug ads from the 00's.

Furthermore, HTBH pulled together Noel for BMX videos, Levy for a skate clip, and Duco for a break run. This all filmed as if it's straight from the 00's. Showing that the VHS tee can be worn without binge-watching Tokyo drift.  

The videos and photos were shot by River de Held, assisted by Lucas Hooijer. Lucas also did the graphic design, and might be the little genius I mentioned earlier. Big thanks to Milla, Noël, Levy, Duco and everyone else who helped with the shoots. Credit where it's due. 

The VHS CAPSULE consist of;

- VHS Tee

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