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September 19th, 2020.

Where it all started. The OG logo capsule is the first ever apparel HOW TO BE HAPPY produced. Supposed to be sold through Lucas Hooijer’s personal Instagram, was already sold out to friends and family before the public got a chance.

The promotion video was led up by a series of short compilation-style videos posted on Lucas’ Instagram. These videos mostly contained footage of BMX, kicking it with the homies, and partying. The official promotion video, titled “HOW TO BE HAPPY NIGHT LOGO TEE”, moved more towards an actual showcase of the product. The video would still end with a playful clip, similar what the lead-up videos would contain.

The full video Is shot by Lucas Hooijer and Noel “OG NOEL” Kemman, as the name states, OG member of the HTBH crew. The video is edited by Lucas as well. Credit where it's due.


The OG LOGO CAPSULE consist of;

- Black "Night logo" Tee



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